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What you should not put down the drain

There are many things that should not go down your kitchen sink drain or any other drain.  There are items that can case problems with our sewer system.  Below are some items that need to be disposed of in a different way than the drain.  Remember FOG, fats, oils, grease. 

Before washing your greasy dishes and pans, scrape and wipe out the grease or oil with paper towel Dispose of that in the trash.  Pour cooled fats and grease or oil into a container.  Once that is full, secure the lid and place in the trash. 

Use sink strainers to catch food items, then empty into the trash.

Medications should NEVER go down the sink.  Plumas County Sheriffs have a disposal program every year so you can get rid of old or unwanted medications correctly.  You can also contact a pharmacy for assistance with the disposal of medications.