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Recycle Program: Give your Garbage Another Life!

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Chester PUD works closely with Waste Management to provide environmentally safe and energy reduction ways to recycle your waste products.

Perhaps the best way to improve recycling is to communicate how easy and effective it is to consumers. In addition to our ongoing Recyclebank partnership that provides valuable incentives to our residential customers to recycle, we’ve joined with Keep America Beautiful to help get the message out about recycling. The result is a multi-faceted advertising campaign designed to reinvigorate the recycling “brand”, generate awareness and understanding for recycling and, ultimately, alter the way Americans recycle by transforming it into a daily social norm.

Think Green is the motto for Waste Management.  

Waste Management offers you reliable service, a one-stop shop experience, and environmental partnership.  

See which services are offered in your area, or pay your WM bill here.