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Frequently asked Questions

What are CPUD Office hours?
8:00am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.

Should I call CPUD or a plumber when I think there is a leak or sewer back up?
Call CPUD first.  The leak or back up could be on our side of the system.

Why is my May bill higher than normal?
This invoice is the "Spring Read."  Meters are not read after Sept/Oct.  through April /May.  You are allowed 6,000 gallons of water per month for the minimum charge.  Anything over that is an additional charge.  The Spring Read  is the overage you used during the months meters are not read.

How many gallons of water am I allowed each month for the minimum charge? 
6,000 gallons

Where does Chester get its water? Does it come from Lake Almanor?
Chester water is supplied through 4 wells.  The wells tap into an underground aquifer. We DO NOT receive any of our water from Lake Almanor.

Can I pay my water bill online?
 Yes, through the Payment Service Network:
Or, call 877 885 7968
You will need to provide CPUD's ID (RT20185), along with your account number or service address.